Receiving ethereum : 

Blokmy is using multisig smart-contract in our wallet generation event.  You are able to receive ethereum from any sender such as miner, faucet , exchanges and others

  • DO NOT send any token others than ethereum , Your token might be lost and we will be unable to recover it

Sending Ethereum :

Blokmy is using smart-contract when sending ethereum out of our platform to your destination address.

Some exchanges / company are unable to read smart-contract transaction, thus it is best for you to send to your personal wallet first before sending out to other company.

We recommend using :

  • DO NOT send to any ICO address, Blokmy WILL NOT credit any ICO coin / token 

Gasprice & Gas limit

By default blokmy will send ethereum with < 1 minute confirmation. Our algorithm automatically calculate gasprice and gaslimit for optimum results